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22 April 2005 @ 03:49 pm
OOO ۶ Friends Only ☆彡  

Full of inconsistent ramblings of everything and nothing.
This blog is personal, a little gateway into my head. And my head isn't the most prettiest of things to be in.

My thoughts & memories are all that I have that are personal, so for that reason, I don't add just about anyone. Simply comment to be added. ♥ Tell me something about yourself and if we have enough in common, I might add you. All I ask is that you read & comment every now and then. I like to make real friends and don't want to be just another person on your big Friends List. I update when I can & want to. I update for myself, not for others.

It's my journal, that I treat like a diary to record my life and happenings. This journal entails the special moments of my life, the treasures of my heart. It's chocked full of the things that make me breathe a bit easier, the things that make my heart ache or beat a little faster, and the memories & things I will look back and smile on and forever hold close to my heart.
feeling okay
listening to TV • Monk